Luis Cortez

Master Craftsman

“In the beginning it was probably the pleasure of….

the recognition of contests, but the most rewarding thing to me is the recognition I get here, in the workshop. There are people who stay two or three hours, and I can sense how they leave feeling grateful. To me, at this point of my life, that is the most important”.

– Luis Cortez


Mexican Craftsmanship

Burnished mud is the oldest technique. Its name is given because of the technique used to obtain the piece´s glow. It is also known as the mother technique because it preserves pre-Hispanic characteristics in the production process. It belongs to one of the oldest branches of pottery.

It is the technique from which others derive. The pieces elaborated using it have a shiny and smooth aspect…


Luis Cortez

Master Crafstman of Burnished Mud

“We want to grow and finish our lives together, doing what we love most: keeping on creating pieces that carry a little bit of our essence and our heart”.

He was born in Tepatitlán, he is one of the most prolific and current artisans of Tonalá. He is a remarkable representation of the continuity and reinvention of the tradition. Unlike other artisans from the town, Luis Cortez does not come from a potter’s family but his career of more than three decades and the mastery in decoration and finishing of his pieces have turned him into a reference in the world of Burnished Mud. Nowadays Luis Cortez is recognized as a great master in the craftsmanship of the Mexican popular art and as a specialist of millennium-old techniques such as burnished mud.

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